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Our company started in 2019, delivering efficient low code databases for clients using Airtable and Zapier. This success quickly led us to expand our client base, connecting with our first client in Europe, then in Australia and South America. AirOps Consulting now supports a global client base, with most of our clients residing in the United States. We enable companies from various sectors, including retail, technology, entertainment, natural resources, professional services, real estate, and non-profit organizations, to do their best work with automation and trustworthy data.

Your scalable database is just a call away 

Let Airtable + Automation work for you

You may have your own spreadsheets or processes already, but you may need help implementing more efficient databases to build a single source of truth for your data. Let us work with you to redesign your workflows and business processes to implement a scalable database so your team can trust the data. Then let us help to automate the workflows for you whether it be internal notifications for deadlines or client emails. Your teams will be able to focus on the work that matters for your company. 

Connect & Automate Your Tools

Onboard Complex Data

Onboard and manage your complex data through scalable databases on Airtable.

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Integrate Your Apps

Easily integrate all your favourite tools and existing business processes with Zapier.

How Our Clients Currently use AirTable

There are so many types of projects we can support our clients with and here are some of our best AirTable examples.

CRM for a distributed inside and road salespeople to add, manage and keep track of their leads. New catalogues are automatically sent to the leads and customers.


Intelligent re-ordering system for buyers that factored into account lead times, par levels (or minimum inventory quantity), and recent sales for all products in the store.

Integrated Shopify with Airtable using AirPower and allowed retail clients to manage their product information, images, shipments, and POs in one Airtable database.

Product development and lifecycle management to allow various teams to collaborate, manage tasks, approve samples, and generate POs.

Volunteer management system that kept track of volunteer onboarding, event sign-ups, and engagement.


Donation tracking system that tracked donations from corporate and individual donors over several years. The system could also create donation receipts and automatically send it to the donors.


Airtable project management and program management databases that allowed clients to track special projects like Covid grocery delivery programs.

Talent and roster management that also kept track of sample work, availability, and allowed automated emails to be sent to potential talent for a project


Production management and calendar that allowed multiple teams to work together on the creative, production, and post production from various films, TV shows, and commercials.


Notification systems that allowed the legal teams at entertainment companies to stay ahead of contract renewals

How Retail Companies Use AirTable

How Non-Profit Organizations Use AirTable

How Entertainment Sectors Use AirTable

Customer and contract tracking. Notify internal clients of contract expiry dates 4 weeks in advance to help the team get ahead of fee increases.


Program management databases for various start-up companies that allowed teams to work more effectively

Managed the legal intake process and reporting based on types of services provided.


Enabled legal companies to submit accurate CalOES and SC17 grant reporting with better data.

How Technology Sectors Use AirTable

Shop floor system that showed upcoming work for each machine in the shop and displayed the images of the designs and technical specs of the parts that need to be created


Time tracking system the workers on the floor to log their time while working on producing various components

How Manufacturing Sectors Use AirTable

How Legal Sectors Use AirTable

Leads tracking system that allowed a global and distributed team to call, email, and follow up with leads. Once properties were under contract all dates, documents, and automated processes were also kept in airtable so the client had a single source of truth for their data. 


Expense tracking system that allowed a house flipping client to understand their profitability on each home

Content calendar that allowed marketing agency to work together with clients and receive approvals from the client at various points in time.


Video and blog production system that allowed various teams to work together to create marketing assets

Vendor attendee management system and calendar that allowed event organizers to better manage their event


Conference management system that also generated certificates based on the various courses attended at the conference

How Real Estate Companies Use AirTable

How Marketing Companies Use AirTable

How Events Companies Use AirTable

Our Values


Quality First

Creating excellent databases is of utmost importance. We strive to WOW our customers with innovative solutions and superior quality.

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Helping our clients grow is crucially important and we are always looking for ways to build databases and automations that scale with our client’s business.



We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions. This helps us reach our goals, overcome obstacles and fulfill our commitments.


People First

Whether its our own employees or our clients, we prioritize and value the collective growth of our people.



We work with our clients to grow their business together. Through this, we can create a positive difference in our clients’ lives.



We build trust through responsible data management and mutually trusting relationships with our clients through communication.

About the Founder


Cherry is a certified Zapier Expert and has been building databases and workflows using Airtable and Zapier for over 3 years to help clients solve problems and save time. 

After implementing elegant and impactful databases at work, Cherry decided to help even more companies leverage Airtable and Zapier to streamline their processes and started AirOps Database and Automation Consulting Inc.


Since starting AirOps Consulting, Cherry has worked with clients in various industries including technology, retail, entertainment, forestry, professional services, real estate, and event planning. Her clients are based in various cities in North America and Europe including Toronto, Chicago, LA, Denver, Portland, and Austin, New York, LA, London, and Amsterdam.

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