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AirOps Consulting is a full-service Airtable consulting company helping entrepreneurs, enterprises, and non-profit organizations build their future with no code and low code tools.


Airtable database and implementation | Zapier consulting | Coaching

Airtable Custom Database


Clients need excellent reporting to be able to make sound decisions. By setting up data reporting and analysis on organizational metrics, AirOps consulting helps clients harness the power of their data.

Airtable Custom Database Implementation 

Zapier - Process Automation and Integrations

Zapier automations allow clients to integrate their workflows with thousands of other applications and software solutions. AirOps Consulting helps clients automate complex workflows, tasks, and processes to save time.

Zapier - Process Automation and Integrations

Airtable and Zapier Coaching

For clients who are more technical, AirOps Consulting provides training on an hourly basis to guide individuals and teams in the right direction. Clients save hours of research and frustration by working with experts who know the answers.

Airtable and Zapier Coaching

Data Analysis Reporting

Clients need excellent reporting to be able to make sound decisions. By setting up data reporting and analysis on organizational metrics, AirOps consulting helps clients harness the power of their data.

Data Analysis Reporting

Move From Spreadsheets To Airtable

AirOps Consulting helps clients cleanse and migrate their data from existing spreadsheets and tools into Airtable. By creating a single source of truth with the right database, clients can finally trust the integrity of their data.

Move From Spreadsheets to Airtable

Corporate and Team Training

When there are personnel changes in your organization, AirOps supports and trains your new and existing employees through Airtable workshops. Employees are onboarded quickly so they can be an active and contributing member of your team.

Corporate / Team Training

Discover Our Expertise



AirOps Consulting is made up of professionals who have worked in non-profit, retail, technology, real estate and administration. Our strong business acumen and technical expertise support non-technical clients take advantage of new technologies. 



Airops Consulting has been building professional Airtable databases for 3 years and is also a certified Zapier consulting company.


Cross Industry

Clients from many industries rely on AirTable and AirOps Consulting applies best practices and ideas from various industries to implement creative database solutions.



AirOps consulting gets to the bottom of problems and helps organization prevent and resolve data issues to create trustworthy data



AirOps Consulting is committed to providing clients the expertise they need and meeting deadlines to support the client’s business needs.



Businesses and organizations want to grow and AirOps is a partner in helping our clients increase their revenue and ramp up their efficiency.

What Are Airtable and Zapier For?


To Manage Your Data


To Save You Time

Airtable is a low-code collaboration platform and centralized database to help teams to work together more effectively. The interface is familiar to spreadsheets so that both technical and non-technical users can easily learn to use the system. A reliable Airtable Database will allow organizations to have accurate and trustworthy data.

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your favorite apps to automate repetitive tasks using no code. Zapier will turn your Airtable database into an integrated system with extra functionality. Some common integrations include email, text messaging, calendar invites, automated reminders, and more!

Is AirOps Consulting Right For You?

Are you struggling with 

multiple spreadsheets? 

Your team might be managing multiple spreadsheets manually entering data into several different places. You have to reconcile and clean your data each time you want to pull reports. We can help.

Do you find out of the box tools just don't fit your needs?

You are purchasing an expensive software right now and it doesn't even fit all your needs. Your business is unique and won’t fit neatly into the box because an off-the-shelf software was never built for your business in the first place.

Will there ever be a single source of truth for your team?

Your team is struggling to centralize the data from multiple sources and programs. Employees are wasting time manually pulling information that should be easily accessible.

Do you want to optimize your existing Airtable?

You’ve built your Airtable database on your own and your technical abilities have been stretched to their limits, yet you still have a feeling of “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Let us guide you.

Do you want to add more automations to your process?

You’ve set up your database and it’s working well but you want to boost your team’s productivity by implementing automations to save even more time. We can help you save time.

Airtable Database Solutions and Use Cases



CRM and Sales Funnel Management

​Save information on your clients at an individual and company level to understand your client.

CRM for killer sales teams.


Product Catalog

House your product information, images, manufactures, and financials to have a single source of truth for all of your organization’s product data.


Film Production Management

Manage your talent, creative, production, and post production process to ensure everyone works as a team to meet the launch schedule.


Support the legal team and get ahead of expiring contracts and asset licenses.


Social Media & 

Content Calendar

Collaborate with your team on creating content, copy, and assets for all of your social media needs and automate posts for various social media and marketing platforms.



Project Management & Project Tracker

​Manage your teams, assignees, tasks, and statuses to stay ahead of important deadlines. Track your team's time to simplify billing and to quickly calculate the profitability of your projects.


Event & Conference Planning

Track your attendees, tickets, performances, sponsors, and vendors to get a bird's eye view of all the moving pieces of your special event.


Order Fulfillment & Inventory Management

Know when to reorder inventory and manage the process of fulfilling custom orders for customers.


Program Management

Manage your organization's programs with custom databases designed for your program that will support future growth and changes.

Industries We Serve




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Customer Testimonials

Mat L
Conscious Minds Studio
Portland, Oregon

A dream to work with!


"We brought a pretty complex problem to Cherry with unique needs for various stakeholders across the company and she delivered beyond our expectations. Always listening and taking time to understand our workflow and provide practical solutions and a framework to build on moving forward. Rarely do you find such a great partner. Couldn't recommend AirOps enough.”

Jim C
Accounting Day
San Diego, California

Appropriate and Efficient Solution

"Cherry obtains a good grasp of what the issue really is and arrives at a totally appropriate and efficient solution. She did an awesome job in connecting our app and automating the Airtable workflow with Zapier. As heavy Excel users, we’re totally amazed at what Airtable does and she helped in bringing us out of spreadsheet thinking into the modern era of Airtable and collaborating between multiple apps."

Adam L
Houston, Texas

Quick and Competent

"Cherry knows what she is doing and is good about evaluating the issue you are trying to solve and provides good solutions across various platforms."

Jeff G
Co-Founder, Vortex2020
Portland, Oregon

"Cherry Yang is a data wizard and master process architect - as our team raced to develop a one-of-a-kind statewide volunteer music festival, Cherry quickly graduated us from awkward spreadsheets and endless email chains to a slick, manageable, user-friendly experience in Airtable and Zapier. With her help, we created a scalable system capable of tracking thousands of volunteers, hundreds of partner projects, and one epic music festival. I cannot recommend her more highly."

Steve H
Forest Press Hydraulics
England, United Kingdom

"All at Forest Press would like to thank Cherry for our VERY custom Airtable Database. After initial consultations with a couple of developers we were told Airtable would not work for us. 
Cherry on the other hand listened to all that we said, and then made us an entire production scheduling tool capable of tracking employee hours and tying those hours to individual parts manufactured. Pure wizardry!

We kept adding more and more complex requests all of which seem to have been easily accomplished in a smart, intuitive and very informative database. Cherry’s work has enabled us to pull information from our manufacturing process that until now has been impossible to obtain... its bloody amazing!!
No hesitation in recommending Cherry what so ever!"

Jason F
Property Problem Solvers
Atlanta, Georgia

Consistent, smart, thinks up stuff you never thought about.

“Cherry is a consummate professional when it comes to Airtable and business in general. She has been working as a part of my team for several months now to create and launch an amazing new CRM for my business. I am thrilled with her results.”

Nichole F
Concrete Jungle
Atlanta, Georgia

So lucky we found Cherry!

"Our small nonprofit launched a COVID relief program at the beginning of the pandemic. Before that program we managed everything on google sheets, but we soon realized this program would require something more sophisticated. We decided to go with Airtable as our database, but knew we were going to need a consultant to help us get our new system set up in an efficient manner without disrupting program operations. Cherry worked with us at every step of the way to figure out the ultimate way to set up our database, and the most strategic way to use Zapier to take time consuming tasks off our hands. She really took the time to learn our program structure and our team's needs in order to build systems that would be the most helpful for us. She was also very patient as she worked to ensure our team, with varying degrees of database experience, all understood and felt comfortable with what was built. As we continue to build more automations in Zapier ourselves, Cherry has been wonderful at continuing to help us solve hiccups and find our way around road blocks as we continue to learn these new softwares. Though we don't have a huge budget, it was definitely worth the investment to hire a consultant for this work, and we are so grateful we found AirOps Consulting to work with!"



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